I understand that coming to a stranger and discussing your life can be a scary and uncomfortable thought.  You may be worried or concerned that I'm going to judge you or that I won't understand your struggles and story.  As a part of my value in the therapeutic relationship, I believe that part of this worry can be addressed by getting to know a little bit about me.  I believe it is important to create an environment where you feel connected and safe in sharing your private matters. 


Part of the reason I am passionate about being involved in the mental health and counseling field is because it aligns with the things I value most in life: connection and relationships.  As social beings, we are reaching out for connection in almost every interaction we have.  

In order to achieve meaningful connection we must have the courage to experience vulnerability.  Throughout my life I have challenged myself in the areas of vulnerability, self-compassion, authenticity, boundaries, and feeling my feelings so I understand they are not always fun or comfortable areas to address.  It can be relatively easy for us to go through our lives avoiding these areas.  However, coming to counseling can provide you with the support and help you gain the courage to address the difficult aspects of life. 

I feel strongly that you are not alone in the interpersonal work you do.  Whether it is in the counseling setting, the grocery store, or the doctors office; I believe we are all in the same fight, no matter who you are.  We are all human, we all struggle, and we all rise.  

hobbies & interests

  • Animal Rescue

  • Interior Design

  • Traveling

  • Supporting local farmers

  • Hiking

  • Modeling

  • Eating locally

  • Volunteering

  • Reading